6 years ago, Donna Hood created “Tease if you please!” It started in the back of a small American bistro in downtown Los Angeles. At the time, the show was primarily burlesque and it consisted of only 5 performers nightly. The venue’s maximum capacity was 70 people, and was every other weekend.  After one year of sold out shows, Donna knew it was time to move to a larger venue. Donna began scouring the Broadway Theater District in downtown LA alongside Escott O. Norton, the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Historic Theater foundation. He helped Donna to look at potential venues and theaters that would best suit the growing capacity and needs of the show. 

The show ended up in a 200+ seated theater on Broadway for four years. During that four-year venture, the show was featured at the 10 year anniversary of “Bringing back Broadway”, an event that brings out over a 100,000 people to DTLA.

“ Tease if You Please!- has been a huge success in our efforts to bring live entertainment back to DTLA’s historic core. It has easily set the record for the longest running show in DTLA’s Broadway district, and was one of the most popular shows at the most recent Bringing Back Broadway this past year “ – Escott O. Norton.

After meeting with the executives at the Palace Theater, Donna decided to celebrate our 5th year anniversary at that theater with a sold out show of 1,000 seats.  With the show still expanding and gaining popularity, we decided to move to an even larger venue with 300 + seats, a larger stage, two-story LED video walls, state of the art sound, and aerial capability at Exchange LA.  An historic stock exchange with a deeply rooted history much like the Broadway Theaters. The show itself has expanded to over 13 performers with a variety of acts, body types, genders, and ethnicities. The variety of acts includes group ensembles, cirque, and the creme de la creme of burlesque performers. Donna also began flying in talented and diverse guest-star performers from around the world to star in each show.

In October 2017, Donna began producing her second production, The Scarlet Hour, at Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood, California. This show provides an interactive classic burlesque experience in a more intimate setting accompanied by a live band. Teaming up with the Houston brothers and Houston Hospitality Group, the show has been running successfully for almost two years to date with monthly sold out shows. 

After the success of both shows, Donna was then approached by the undisputed Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese. Back in 2010, Donna began working with Von Teese as one of the “Vontourage” in Dita’s acts. So teaming up again was very exciting for the both of them. Donna and Dita then decided to create the show, “Von Follies”, that premiered at the Hollywood Roosevelt in September of 2018. Since then, Donna and Dita have been putting on private Von Follies shows for high-profile clientele.  You can be sure that Von Follies will have constantly running shows in the near future!

Donna has also started her newest project, TEASE PRODUCTIONS. A high-end production company that provides high-quality entertainment for events. Offering professional performers in all genres, models, live music, custom costuming, video content creation, video production teams, hair and makeup, choreography, and prop rental. 

Donna Hood is a jack of all trades! When attending any of Donna’s productions, or working with her for events, you will see that she puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. Donna hopes to continue to stay on the rise, and entertain audiences for years to come!